Website Design


I provide 3 different web site solutions: Joomla!, Wordpress and Dreamweaver. The Joomla! and Wordpress content management solutions, leverage the skills and talents of thousands of people that support their open source development community. They are very powerful solutions that your website can grow with for years to come. Dreamweaver is for customers who want a simple custom solution and do not need the functionality of a content management system or want the support involve with keeping them up to date and secure.

No matter which web site solution you choose to drive your site, the template is very important to the end product. The template is what people see and care about. I have the skills to customize your website CSS template to have the look and feel you want. I will work closely with you to customize it to meet your needs.

Today it is common for websites to need additional functionality. I have experience installing and supporting blogs, Content Management Systems, slide shows, photo galleries, video and mp3 players, calendars, online forms, newsletters, polls, RSS Syndication & RSS readers and more.

Photos and artwork are also very important part of any website design. If you do not have images, we can select your images from royalty-free stock photo galleries which contain millions of images. Most of the images are under $3. Or, I can arrange for a professional photographer to take some pictures for you. If you need a programmer to write a specialized application, I can refer you to someone. If you need a logo, I can also arrange for a professional graphics artist to work with you.

Web design is like a big puzzle. I can put the whole puzzle together for you. I can handle all the details for you and provide you a complete solution. Or if you are on a tight budget, I can create the structure for you and teach you how to easily create content using a website editor. No programming knowledge required!

My average website costs about $1500 but I will work within almost any budget to provide you a website solution that is functional and well designed.

Please contact me for a quote.