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    Capture what your business is about with a professional website tailored to your needs

    Custom Website

    CaptureIt Web Design provides 2 different custom website solutions: WordPress (#1 open source content management system system installed on about 20+ million sites) and Joomla (#2 open source content management system system installed on about 2.5+ million sites). The WordPress and Joomla content management solutions, leverage the skills and talents of hundreds of programmers. And come with thousands of 3rd party plugins expanding on their functionality. They are very powerful solutions that your website can grow with for years to come.

    No matter which web site solution you choose to drive your site, the theme is very important to the end product. I am a member of a professional theme club that provides a powerful framework and themes that are highly configurable.  Your site will be built to have the look and feel that your want. I will work closely with you to customize your site to meet your needs.

    My average custom website costs about $2500 but I will work within almost any budget to provide you a website solution that is functional and well designed.

    Website Builders

    Are you on a tight budget?  I recommend or squarespace website builders. These solutions are not as customizable and do not come with as many theme features or functions, but are easier to build. No programming knowledge required!  I can build the site for you or consult with you to help you get started.

    Gail Peterson
    Freelance Web Designer

    Please contact me for a quote.

    Web design is like a big puzzle. I can put the whole puzzle together for you. I can handle all the details and provide you a complete solution.

    Theme Framework Layout

    Theme Framework

    Theme Features

    • Flexible and Easy Layout Manager
    • Showcase Slideshows
    • Image Grids
    • Accordions
    • Tabs & Sliders
    • Testimonies
    • Info Lists
    • Contact Forms
    • Blog Layout
    • Video
    • Photo Galleries
    • More

    Website Function

    • Search Engine Optimization plugin
    • Security Plugin
    • Auto Backup Plugin
    • Comment Spam Filtering
    • Photo Album
    • Old Website URL Redirection
    • Online Forms
    • Facebook, Instagram & Twitter Feeds
    • User management & Private content
    • SSL Encryption
    • Paypal Integration
    • E-Signatures
    • More

    Web Design

    • Content Management System is a powerful application that helps you build and mantain your website. With a CMS website, each page is broken up into different widgets or sections that can be easily added and removed. Wordpress and Joomla are currently running on about 30% of all websites on the web.
    • CaptureIt Web Design is a member of professional theme club that provides a a versatile and powerful framework . The framework allows themes to be customized quickly and efficiently while providing flexibility and ease-of-use for end-users.
    • The theme separates presentation and content. It creates a standard format and design that is automatically propagated throughout the website creating a consistent look and feel. Website themes operate similarly to a form letter. CaptureIt Web Design recommends the Wordpress and Joomla theme club Rockettheme.