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    Website Support is very important to the success of your website.

    CaptureIt Web Design is committed to an on going support relationship with you.

    Reasonably Priced Quarterly Support Package

    CaptureIt Web Design Quarterly Support includes regular software maintenance upgrades to help keep your website and add-ons up to date and secure.

    One of the main ways websites get ‘hack’ is when their software is not kept up to date. Most of the time these updates are installed seamlessly but sometimes these updates generate new bugs. CaptureIt Web Design will research and report the bugs to the developer via support forums and attempt to find a fix. Or install another open source solution that provides similar function.

    Answering your website editing questions is also included. It is nice to know if there is problem, someone cares and will try to help figure it out.

    Website Updates

    Once your site is built, if you would like, CaptureIt can make your ongoing website updates for you. CaptureIt will also be available to help you add new functionality to your site as needed.

    CaptureIt Web Design charges $50 an hour for this type of web site support.

    Website Consulting

    You may want to save some money and build and support a website as much as you can on your own, CaptureIt will gladly sit down with you and show you everything you need to know to get started and answer any of your questions. Some businesses do not need a custom website initially. Website building sites like and squarespace can be a good fit.

    Usually a 2 hour consult at $75 per hour is all that is needed to get started. It is also reassuring to many customers to know they have someone that they can contact to help if needed when additional questions and problems arise.